*M2 students seminar [#f26255ab]

**Summary [#k7a0544a]
-Date & Time, April 28, 2010 (Wed) 14:45 - 18:00
-Place: Conference room on the 3rd floor of the univ. restaurant building
-Speakers: All M2 students except for those who will graduate in September
-Audience: All graduate students in the center   

**Time schedule[#x9bc2942]
|''Time''|''Lab (Number of speakers)''|''Chair''|
|14:50-15:30|Obi Lab(4)|Yasuoka|
|15:35-15:55|Takemura Lab(2)|Obi|
|16:00-16:40|Fukagata Lab(4)|Takemura|
|16:45-17:25|Matsuo Lab(4)|Fukagata|
|17:30-18:00|Yasuoka Lab(3名)|Matsuo|
|14:50-15:30|Obi Lab (4)|Yasuoka|
|15:35-15:55|Takemura Lab (2)|Obi|
|16:00-16:40|Fukagata Lab (4)|Takemura|
|16:45-17:25|Matsuo Lab (4)|Fukagata|
|17:30-18:00|Yasuoka Lab (3)|Matsuo|

-Time: After the seminar
-Place: La poire