*Advanced Course in APCOM (Fall term, Monday 1) [#ef1b18bc]

**Lesson Plan (Academic Year 2016) [#pd5c8b21]
**Lesson Plan (Academic Year 2017) [#pd5c8b21]
,1 (Sep 26),History of supercomputer,Matsuo,
,2 (Oct 3),Explosion and its fundamentals,Matsuo,
,3 (Oct 17),Ordinary differential equation,Obi,
,4 (Oct 24),Error analysis and accuracy improvement,Obi,
,5 (Oct 31),Partial differential equation,Fukagata,
,6 (Nov 7),Incompressible flow,Fukagata,
,7 (Nov 14),Neural network,Takemura,
,8 (Nov 28),Biomechatronics,Takemura,
,9 (Dec 5),Wave equations and the method of characteristics,Ando,
,10 (Dec 12),Analyses of traffic flow,Ando,
,11 (Dec 19),Computational biomechanics of human movements,Ogihara,
,12 (Dec 26),Optimization and genetic algorithm,Ogihara,
,13 (Jan 16),Lagrangian description 1 (MD),Yasuoka,
,14 (Jan 23),Lagrangian description 2 (DPD; SPH etc.),Yasuoka,
,1 (Sep 25),Ordinary differential equation,Obi,
,2 (Oct 2),Error analysis and accuracy improvement,Obi,
,3 (Oct 16),Partial differential equation,Fukagata,
,4 (Oct 23),Incompressible flow,Fukagata,
,5 (Oct 30),Neural network,Takemura,
,6 (Nov 6),Biomechatronics,Takemura,
,7 (Nov 13),Computational biomechanics of human movements,Ogihara,
,8 (Nov 20),Optimization and genetic algorithm,Ogihara,
,9 (Dec 4),Wave equations and the method of characteristics,Ando,
,10 (Dec 11),Traffic flow analysis,Ando,
,11 (Dec 18),Lagrangian description 1 (MD),Yasuoka,
,12 (Dec 25),Lagrangian description 2 (DPD・SPH etc.),Yasuoka,
,13 (Jan 9),Structural analysis by finite element method,Takano,
,14 (Jan 15),Micro-CT Image-based modeling and analysis,Takano,

**Grading [#y8dd0aa0]
-Evaluation will be made based on assignments.
-The assignments will be given for each discipline.