*For M2 students admitted in October 2008 [#w604210c]
*For M2 students expected to finish in September 2010 [#w604210c]

**Schedule in 2010 [#b450c31a]
,July 1 (Thu) - 2 (Fri),Deadline for thesis title (Submit to Gakujitantou),
,July 9 (Fri) ,Notice of thesis title (Notice board of Bldg 25 1st floor),
,July 20 (Tue) ,Deadline for thesis (Submit to supervisor),
,July 23 (Fri) 10:00-,Defense,
,July 20 (Tue) ,Deadline for thesis (Submit to Prof. Takemura),
,July 23 (Fri) ,Defense,
,August 20 (Fri),Deadline for thesis for printing (Submit to Gakujitantou) and final thesis (to supervisor),

**Defense [#u21e30e3]
-Date: July 23 (Fri)
-Place: "Kouseitou Chuu-Kaigishitsu" (Bldg 16A, 3rd floor)
|10:00-10:30|Daisuke Kurashima|Measurement of Flow Velocity, Pressure Fluctuation and Disk Vibration in a Hard Disk Drive|
|10:30-11:00|Masaki Higuchi|Numerical Simulation of the Noise Generated by the Interactions between a Subsonic Jet Flow and a Circular Plate|
|11:00-11:30|Katsuya Hattori|A Study for Two Different Effects of the Cholesterol Molecule Using the Dissipative Particle Dynamics Method|