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*For M2 students expected to finish in September 2010 [#w604210c]

**Schedule in 2010 [#b450c31a]
,July 1 (Thu) - 2 (Fri),Deadline for thesis title (Submit to Gakujitantou),
,July 9 (Fri) ,Notice of thesis title (Notice board of Bldg 25 1st floor),
,July 20 (Tue) ,Deadline for thesis (Submit to Prof. Takemura),
,July 23 (Fri) ,Defense,
,August 20 (Fri),Deadline for thesis for printing (Submit to Gakujitantou) and final thesis (to supervisor),

**Defense [#u21e30e3]
-Date: July 23 (Fri)
-Place: "Kouseitou Chuu-Kaigishitsu" (Bldg 16A, 3rd floor)
|10:00-10:30|Daisuke Kurashima|Measurement of Flow Velocity, Pressure Fluctuation and Disk Vibration in a Hard Disk Drive|
|10:30-11:00|Masaki Higuchi|Numerical Simulation of the Noise Generated by the Interactions between a Subsonic Jet Flow and a Circular Plate|
|11:00-11:30|Katsuya Hattori|A Study for Two Different Effects of the Cholesterol Molecule Using the Dissipative Particle Dynamics Method|