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*For M1 Students started from April 2013[#a3efbe1a]

**Schedule of academic year 2013 [#fe769f24]
,2013-12-25 (Wed),Presentation of '''Independent Study''',
,2014-02-20 (Thu), Deadline for '''Independent Study''' report submission (via keio.jp),

**On the presentation of '''Independent Study''' [#wcce124d]
-Date/place: 2013-12-25 (Wed) at Bldg 16-A 3F
-Time allotment: 5 min presentation and 2 min Q & A

**On '''Independent Study''' Report [#a24f9a24]
-Format: A4-paper, minimum 6 pages
-Language: English or Japanese
-File type: PDF (submitted via keio.jp)
-Deadline: 2014-02-20 (Thu) 16:00