Advanced Course in APCOM (Fall term, Monday 1)

Lesson Plan (Academic Year 2017)

1 (Sep 25)Ordinary differential equationObi
2 (Oct 2)Error analysis and accuracy improvementObi
3 (Oct 16)Partial differential equationFukagata
4 (Oct 23)Incompressible flowFukagata
5 (Oct 30)Neural networkTakemura
6 (Nov 6)BiomechatronicsTakemura
7 (Nov 13)Computational biomechanics of human movementsOgihara
8 (Nov 20)Optimization and genetic algorithmOgihara
9 (Dec 4)Wave equations and the method of characteristicsAndo
10 (Dec 11)Traffic flow analysisAndo
11 (Dec 18)Lagrangian description 1 (MD)Yasuoka
12 (Dec 25)Lagrangian description 2 (DPD・SPH etc.)Yasuoka
13 (Jan 9)Structural analysis by finite element methodTakano
14 (Jan 15)Micro-CT Image-based modeling and analysisTakano